Friday, July 31, 2015

First Week of School Ideas and Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale

I am starting to think about my first week of school.  It is a week to practice, practice, practice all the procedures of our classroom.  I will be introducing activities for math centers.  I have found that if I introduce them I don't have as many interruptions while I am teaching small groups.  These are what I have planned to practice the first week:
flash cards, Farkle, domino keepers addition (play with a partner and each draw two dominoes, add them up, and the one with the highest amount keeps the dominoes), skip counting sticks (popsicle sticks that have numbers on them and they will be putting them in order), UNO (Take out the special cards and each person draws six cards. They make the biggest number they can and the person with the biggest number wins that round.)
Most of these I have found online and made them fit my needs in the classroom.  I will add more if they are doing okay with these.  The more I introduce now and they have the procedure down of how to use them the less time I need to spend once we start full steam with lessons.

I have decided to try something new this year.  I have some beginning of the year activities to try. Most years we only have three days the first week but this year we have four days.  So I am trying to fill more time.  In my opinion it is best to get them up and moving as much as possible this week.  They tend to have a hard time getting back in the swing of things. (Don't we all!)  I have made a Find Someone Who Can for reading.  They will walk around and find someone who can answer the statement and then sign the square.  They are about different genres and characters.  I will be walking around while they are doing this and hopefully this will give me some idea of what they like.  (This will be helpful while picking out books for read alouds.)  There is also one for math.  It has them answer simple math problems.  I will have them write the answer down as well as signing the page.  They will be able to walk around with a spiral notebook to help work out problems.  They are free in my store so check them out.

This is just the beginning of my thinking for the first week back.  What do you have planned?

By the way have you heard the news?  Teachers Pay Teachers is having their back to school sale on August 3rd and 4th.  Check out my store.  When you use the code BTS15 you will be getting 28% off!!


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